CSS Classes (Advanced)

CSS Classes (Advanced)

Pre- requisites

  1. Good html and CSS knowledge

CSS Classes

If you would like to change any styles of the size chart popup you can do so by modifying or overwriting SmartSize default styles. You can find below a high level structure of the popup.

If you need more details, you can find further classes by inspecting the code of the size chart popup:

  • "Size Guide" button on the store's product page
    • General style: class .ss-size-chart-float-button
    • Font style: class form__label (comes from the store's theme)
  • Popup
    • smartsize_pop-up
    • sizefox-product-title
    • sizechart_title
    • Size Table
      • sizechart_wrapper
      • smartsizechart_content
    • Instructions
      • smartsizechart_instruction
      • Font style
        • Default: smartsizechart_instruction_default
        • Inherit from theme: smartsizechart_instruction_inherit