Enable SmartSize in your Theme (code snippet)

Enable SmartSize in your Theme (code snippet)

The simplest way to enable SmartSize is through 'Add Block', click here for instructions. If this option did not work for you, you will need to add a code snippet. 

Instructions to add a code snippet
  1. Go to your Shopify admin panel
  2. Select Online Store and Themes (1)
  3. Click on Actions (2)
  4. Click on Edit code (3)
  5. In the search bar, write 'product'(4)
  6. Select the relevant file: For Online Store 2.0: {/} main-product.liquid . For other Shopify themes: {/} product.liquid {/} product-template.liquid or other files depending on your file structure (5)
  7. Open the file and insert the code snippet (see below) (6)
  8. Important for step 6 Insert the code snippet inside the <section></section> tags and before a <div> tag.
  9. Save the file (7)
  10. Test on your store and adjust the position of the snippet if needed.

<div id="sizefox-container"> </div>


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