SmartSize script is not running in my theme

SmartSize script is not running in my theme

In rare cases, the app script may not be running in your theme. To resolve this issue, please follow these steps:

First click on "Edit code" in the dropdown to open the code editor for your theme:

There are 2 things to add to your theme:

First, on the left hand side, scroll to Snippet section and add a new snippet. 

Name it smartSize.liquid

Next, inside the file, copy the following content:

window.sizefox = window.sizefox === undefined ? {} : window.sizefox; = "{{ shop.permanent_domain }}";
{% assign t = template | prepend: '/' | append: '.' %}
{% if t contains '/product.' %} = {
  collections: "{{ product.collections | map: 'id' | join: ',' }}",
  tags: {{ product.tags | join: ',' | json }},
  product: "{{ }}",
  productname: "{{ product.title | replace: '"', '"' }}",
  type: {{ product.type | json }}
{% endif %}
fetch( +
.then (response => response.json())
.then(json => {console.log("Using SmartSize popup version: ", json)

scripturl = json.url;
  const smartScript = document.getElementById("smartsizeScript");
  smartScript.src = scripturl

Then click save. You should have a file that looks like this (see below). Make sure that you SAVE it.

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