Personalize your size chart

Personalize your size chart

You have many options to personalize the look and feel of your size chart.

Change the label of your size chart (to any language) and the icon that you would like to display in your button.

By default, the size button is placed floating on the right side of the window.

Before you modify this setting, we recommend you to (a) create one size chart (b) link it to a product and (c) set the size chart to active and go to your store so make sure that the size chart button is visible in your store. Look for the floating button in the right side of your window.

If you are able to see the size chart button, now you can change it to 'inline with text' if you wish to do so. See below. Once you have done this, click save and check the results in your store.

Are you happy with the results?
  1. Yes? Fabulous, step completed.
  2. Yes, but you would like to change the vertical position? Click here to see how.
  3. Yes, but you would ilke to change the horizontal position? Click here to see how.
  4. No, you cannot see the button? Keep reading the next section below

You have clicked on 'inline with text' but you are still not able to see the size chart button? No problem, click on 'Additional options' You will have two options:
  1. Add block - click here to see how.
  2. Adjust CSS - click here to see how.
We typically recommend the Add block option, provided that your theme supports this feature
Make sure that to check or test your size chart button you ALWAYS select a product where you have linked a size chart to it. Else, you will not see the size chart button

Select your theme's font or try out SmartSize font (based on Montserrat)

Finally you can change border of your size table, allowing you to create stunning looks in combination with the color setting.

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