What is the best plan for me?

What is the best plan for me?

When you install SmartSize, you will benefit from a free trial that will allow you to explore the app and all its features.

  1. If you are a new store with few products and few traffic to your website the Free Plan may be right to get started during the first months.
  1. If you are a large store and you plan to publish many size charts and have high traffic in your website, the Growth Plan is the right plan for you.

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    • Upgrading to Growth Plan

      Our free plan will allow you to have a limited number of size charts. If you would like to publish an unlimited number of size charts, you will need to upgrade to our Growth plan. Here is how: Open SmartSize Go to Plans Select: Growth Plan
    • Will I lose all my size charts if I uninstall?

      If you are planning to uninstall the app, SmartSize will keep all your size chart for a period of 1 month in cas you decide to install the App again.