Customer Support Activities

Customer Support Activities

How do I contact customer support? 

    Our friendly support team can be reached via email at
    Contact us and we’ll get back as soon as possible, during business hours.
    Expect a reply between 7am – 11pm (GMT) Monday through Friday.

    What level of support do you offer?

    We offer email support to all our users, whether they’re free or paid, and video-call support to merchants on any of our paid plans. We don’t have a chat feature.

    Our support team will answer any questions regarding:

    1. Using the app to build size charts
    2. Customizing the size chart with 'out of the box' features found in the Settings page
    3. Troubleshooting Any query that comes through to us is answered within 2-3 hours on the same day.
    If your question requires further explanation, our support team will offer to schedule a support call via video-call.

    Can you build a size chart for me?

    No. Our support team can help you understand how the app works, point you to helpful support articles and videos, but we do not offer size chart-building services or modifications to existing ones. If you need help building & styling your dream size chart, you may find affordable freelance developers on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr.

    Can you change the position of the size button?

    Yes, we can do this for you as long as the new position does not require modifications to your themes code.

    Not sure where to start?

    Please check our short and informative video tutorials to learn how to start building your first size chartIt’s quick and effective.