Quick Start Guide: Essential Steps to Get Started

Quick Start Guide: Essential Steps to Get Started

Step A

Click on Enable SmartSize

Step B

Click on the toggle to embed SmartSize
Click on Save

Step C

Go back to SmartSize
Click on 'New size chart'

Step D

Select the template you want to start from. In this case, we are selecting 'polos' for men.

Step E

Give your size chart a name (this will only be visible to you)
Select the products and / or collections where you would like to link your size chart

Step F

Enter the values. Important, double click in a cell to start entering your values. You can also copy and paste your data from Excel or Google Sheets.

Step G

Set the status of the size chart to: 'Active'
Make sure that you save your changes
Visit your store and open the product where you linked the size chart

Is it all looking good?
No --  If you are not able to see your size chart check this page: Troubleshooting
Yes --  In this case, you can now head to Settings and,change the look and feel of your size chart button.

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